5 Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins in 2023

5 Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins in 2021

WordPress Ecommerce Plugins, best known for its easy-to-use content management system, has grown in popularity among many businesses worldwide. Initially, this CMS was designed to be used to deploy blogging websites. However, as time passed, many businesses realized the importance of deploying various websites, particularly eCommerce.

With the beginning of WordPress in the e-commerce scenario, hundreds of new plugins are released almost every year to improve the online experience. As a result, selecting the plugin wisely for your business is important, as a better platform offers more growth opportunities.

What Features Must a WordPress Ecommerce Plugin Have?

WordPress plugins number crossed above 55,000! However, they all serve different functions and serve different purposes. Some plugins, for example, are appropriate for marketing digital products such as music, software, and so on. Others are better suited to selling physical goods.

Ecommerce plugins will be different for a drop-shipping business than for a marketplace renting out parking spaces.

To choose the best WordPress plugin, consider what you’re selling and the features that will help your store run smoothly. Aside from these, there are several other factors to consider when selecting a WordPress e-commerce plugin.

Payment solutions are also considerable for many e-commerce stores, as they require online payment gateways. The plugin you select should support multiple gateways by default.

Top 5 WordPress Ecommerce Plugins 

We’ve compiled a list of the best eCommerce plugins for WordPress. So go over each one’s description and features and pick your favorite ones.

It is then up to you to select the best one for your online store.


WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin, with more than 5 million active downloads. It includes everything you’ll need to start and run your online business. And setting up your store, from the homepage to payment and shipping options, will only take a few minutes.

You can use it to build any store to sell anything because it is a flexible and open-source eCommerce platform. It could be physical products or digital content such as ebooks, software, and so on. Your customers can also purchase single items or bundles. You can also charge for reservations and appointments, as well as sell subscriptions.


  • The WooCommerce mobile app allows you to manage your business in real-time and from anywhere easily.
  • Accepts major credit cards, bank transfers, cash on delivery, and other payment methods. Furthermore, it provides 140 region-specific gateways, such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, and others.
  • WooCommerce enables you to select and display your products in a modular fashion. For example, adding new products, top-rated products, on-sale products, best sellers, etc.

WP E-commerce

WP eCommerce was one of the first eCommerce plugins developed. With over 2.5 million active users, this plugin has held the top spot for the past 5 years. This fully-featured WordPress theme includes flexible coupon codes, marketing promotions, free shipping options, and many other features.


  • Shortcode and template tags are included.
  • WordPress widget is enabled.
  • SEO-friendly.
  • It can be completely customized with custom HTML and CSS.
  • For a better customer experience, use the drag-and-drop feature.


BigCommerce is yet another perfectly hosted eCommerce platform that can help you quickly build your online store. It integrates with your website, making it very simple to use the donation plugin. As a result, the plugin excels in terms of scalability and performance. It also includes a large number of active eCommerce templates from which to choose.

BigCommerce is a SaaS (software as a service) eCommerce platform. Bringing together WordPress and BigCommerce was not possible before the development of the BigCommerce plugin. You had to pick one of them. BigCommerce is now combining the supremacy of WordPress content with the higher selling power of BigCommerce. Other important features of the BigCommerce plugin include:


  • You can select from various top payment gateways, and you will not be charged for each transaction.
  • It includes a plethora of pre-designed, responsive templates to assist you in creating the ideal e-store.
  • BigCommerce apps allow you to customize your store easily.
  • It can be used to sell products on your website and other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce

You can go global with the Currency Switcher for WooCommerce. A multi-currency converter shows international prices in local currency. Currency Switcher for WooCommerce is a powerful addon that refreshes currency exchange rates automatically and displays your clients’ preferred currency throughout your website.

In the worldwide framework of eCommerce, you must make sure that your products are available globally. You require a multi-currency converter extension to instantly switch currencies on your WooCommerce website based on your customers’ preferences. That’s why this plugin is a super favorite with its unique functionality.


  • Extend your business to other countries and regions.
  • It eliminates the hassle of currency conversion.
  • Reduce cart abandonment, refunds, and chargebacks;
  • Ensure that your pricing displays are consistent throughout your store.


If you’re looking for a WordPress plugin to sell memberships, the MemberPress plugin is what you’re looking for. It’s an exclusive membership plugin. You can produce, manage, and track membership payments. You can also sell online courses and digital downloads.

Furthermore, it allows you to manage your members and grant or revoke access to your content. You can do this based on the membership or digital product they purchased. As a result, you can grant or deny access to pages, posts, tags, categories, and other resources.


  • It is also compatible with any popular WordPress theme.
  • Allows you to use a custom theme on your site.
  • It provides clear and relevant reports to help you get the information you need about your site. Such as your earnings and the products you sell.
  • Payment gateway integration is much easier. First, you must enter your gateway API keys. Then, you can configure any notifications that the gateway requires.


Finally, we’ve come to the end of this blog. You were also able to select the best eCommerce plugin for your WordPress website. Furthermore, we guarantee that these plugins will make your online store more competitive in the market. These plugins include a plethora of fantastic features that will help your website and increase your ROI.

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