Best Practices to Follow in Mobile App Development Industry in 2022

Best Practices to Follow in Mobile App Development Industry in 2022

The Mobile App Development emergence of portable devices has resulted in a smarter shift in lifestyle. Thus, a drastic change has been reported in how the users have been interacting with and consuming the information present on the internet. From wired, complicated computers to portable laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc., the work is just one click away. Hence, to speed up the pace, it is best to follow certain practices that will help you interact better and deliver a smooth experience to the user.

Even the best mobile app development company in the UK is striving hard to please the audience as the demands are ever-growing. Influenced by this, we have listed out 13 best practices that one could follow in 2022 to stay relevant in the market.

Following SCRUM Management Principles:

Since many tasks are involved in the mobile app development process, they can lead to complex situations if not taken seriously. Thus, one of the best practices for mobile app development companies is to break down the large milestones into smaller chunks. To make the task look less intimidating and take control over all the other activities, follow the SCRUM management principle, where big tasks are broken into smaller tasks called Spirit.

Dedicated Market Research:

One of the poignant principles is to conduct an extensive process of market research to identify customers’ needs, focus on the target audience, know what is trending, identify loopholes to fill, keep a clear check on the competitor, and much more.

Personalized Experiences:

Since every client is different and wants their application to be made according to what their business aims to deliver, providing a personalized experience will also help the client to stay engaged and invested in the application.

Optimize to reduce latency:

Making your user wait for your application to load with its contents can push the customer away. Thus, the best way to increase the speed while avoiding latency is to create a feedback system that will help to understand the needs and concerns of the customer better. To add to that, offering a distraction, using a skeleton screen, and using a progress indicator are the best three practices to increase speed.

Thoughtful Notifications:

Notifications are one of the basic marketing techniques to engage the user, but sometimes getting notifications every other second makes the customer annoyed. Hence, carefully time the notifications with some thoughtful information that could appeal to the customers.

Use of Animations:

Subtle animations are the best way to deliver an interactive experience to the user. They can catch attention and create the right mood. Cluttering the design elements will leave the user satisfied in the end.

Addition of Accessibility Features:

Adding accessibility features to the application makes the application user-friendly while eradicating disabilities. High accessibility can help reach a wider audience with enhanced performance and better functionality.

Focus on Mobile App Security:

An Android app development company in the UK reportedly confirms that app security is one of the most concerning parts for the customer. As their personal data is stored on the app, it is important to know that it doesn’t get leaked.

Integration of Analytics:

Analytics for developers is the best means to understand the present situation while predicting the limitations and capabilities of the app. By analyzing the past and present data clearly, one can easily integrate.

Use the Principle of Least Privilege:

It dictates that the code should only run once the necessary permission is required for its functioning.

Setting an app development budget:

To develop an application, a minimum budget is required to get an idea of the potential expenses. Since various factors affect the development of the application, a systematic budget serves as a blessing.


Following the above-mentioned practices will secure, optimize, clean up, and increase the functionality of the application. Thus, the best way is to hire AppSquadz Software, a mobile app development company in the UK that can deliver the best experiences without any hassle. Contact us for more.

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