10 Quick and Easy Chinese Recipe Ideas that are Low in Calories

10 Quick and Easy Chinese Recipe Ideas that are Low in Calories

We all always look forward to a celebratory event to meet our close ones again and spend some time with them. And the food makes the whole scenario more memorable for everyone. Perhaps, you might have booked an online fun event at the breakout escape rooms to play with your family or friends, or it might be any game or get-together party that you are looking forward to in the coming weekend. And this puts pressure on you to come up with appealing and delectable dishes that you might want to serve on that fateful day.

10 Quick and Easy Chinese Recipe Ideas that are Low in Calories

The best pick for you is the trouble-free and straightforward dishes that you can prepare quickly to avoid being crammed in the kitchen and missing out on the fun. Of course, you would not want to be tired and on the verge of exhaustion from overworking on the complicated savories. And for such cases, foods loved by everyone and requiring less time to make are the soul saviors in this situation.

And yes, take-outs are fun for impromptu parties and sudden gatherings, but you cannot always rely on the outside eateries to be the star of your celebration. Sometimes it’s fun to prepare light and delicious dishes by yourself and serve it to your guests on such occasions. And what could be better than the exotic and hot Chinese recipes that twist into a multitude of spices and authentic flavors in your mouth?

No matter the situation or the audience, you can always rely on Chinese dishes from the Asian culture and cuisines to help you enjoy a perfect delicacy that would leave everyone in awe. To add in the benefits, healthy cuisines that are less on the calorie meter make room for a better party treat. They are better than the take-outs and instant dishes as they contain less fat and are better for your well-being.

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Already craving the Chinese savers that taste just like the restaurants and the professional eateries out there? So, without delaying any further, let us look at the 5-quick and easy Chinese recipes that are low in calories that are satisfying to indulge in:

1.      Shrimp Fried Rice

Shrimp Fried Rice

This all-time favorite Chinese take-out is a hassle-free dish that you can put together within no time. It packs stir-fried shrimps, vegetables like mushrooms, peas, carrots, and rich seasoning sauces that add a delightful flavor to this fried rice recipe. Your lunch or dinner will become ten times more enjoyable with this restaurant-style Chinese cuisine that leaves behind a sense of overwhelming happiness after the plates are wiped clean off the food.

2.      Kung Pao Chicken Tacos

Try something tangy and spicy by combining the delicious spice-fragrant Kung Pao chicken with fiery tacos. The perfectly balanced savory taste of the chicken accentuates the smoky and crispy tortillas and makes the full flavors burst in your mouth. Perfect for serving as a fun snack before the main course at dinners, you can double the taco savors by bringing some light tasting and sweetish-zesty dips.

Kung Pao Chicken Tacos

3.      Stir-fry Tofu and Broccoli with Garlic Sauce

Stir-fry tofu makes for a perfect meal to enjoy at lunches or dinners and a fun snack at parties and get-togethers. The crispy tofu and sizzling vegetables give an extra layer of flavor to this tender-crisp Chinese dish, and the garlic and ginger sauce combination makes for its rich seasoning that is hard to put down. One of the simplest savory cuisines to cook, you can enjoy a perfect meal without worrying about the calorie intake and compromising the good taste with this wholesome dish.

4.      Salmon and Bok Choy

When the vibrant Bok Choy meets the light and salty flavored salmon, this dish becomes even more delicious. The meal is easy to put together, and the broiled salmon is a very healthy substitute for any fried fish. A tinge of sweetness further adds color and depth to the savory taste of this recipe. You can also serve it with a bowl of brown rice to make it a full course meal.

5.      Steamed Chicken Dumplings

Steamed Chicken Dumplings

Nothing beats the exotic and fantastic taste of the homemade chicken dumplings. They are healthier than the store-bought frozen dumplings, rich in flavor, and easy to digest. Classical comfort food for many, this fancy Chinese recipe is easy to prepare and worthy of every ounce of the effort you put in its dressing and preparation. And the tender and spiced chicken filling make it a worth-try dish indeed.

6.      Ramen Cups with Napa Cabbage

Ramen is the all-time favorite recipe to which nobody can say no. And if it is available in a convenient package easy on the hands, it makes it more than perfect. You can give a try to this muffin-tin-styled ramen seasoned with crunchy cabbages and sesame seed toppings. Just pick your favorite ramen flavor, add in the spices and top it with vegetables, and you are ready with an irresistible dish.

7.      Pan Fried Veggie Egg Rolls

Egg rolls are a classic beloved dish loved by all, especially teens and children. Although considered a time-consuming food to prepare, this version of the Chinese-style crispy egg roll is quick to make and is the perfect flavorful snack as well as a side dish for your guests to enjoy.

Pan Fried Veggie Egg Rolls

They have a healthy and colorful filling of vegetables and aromatic flavors and make for a great option to satisfy your Chinese food craving. All you need is a dipping snack sauce, and you have an irresistible recipe waiting for you to gobble them up.

8.      Grilled Eggplant and Tofu Steaks

If you are searching for a barbecue dish idea that does not depend on meat to heighten its savoriness, these Chinese-style grilled eggplant with tofu steaks are perfect for you. The spicy and smoky taste of the tofu complements the soft and crispy eggplant slices and elevates the overall flavor of the food. Throw in some sticky Hoisin glaze, and you will find everyone asking for a second round of serves.

9.      Ginger and Soy Fish Noodles

Try something different with this variant Chinese noodles recipe. The spicy and hot flavors matched with peppers and lemon, soy sauce, and ginger packs for a perfect service at the dinner table and as a main course at any gathering party. Easy on the clock, this healthy and richly seasoned noodles platter is sure to leave everyone at the table in awe of its authentic Asian taste.

Ginger and Soy Fish Noodles

10.  Steamed Fish Stew

If you are looking for something more traditional, have a go at this Shanghai-roused steamed fish stew made from fresh and simmered fish heads. It is quick to cook and makes for a delectable side course and a fulfilling snack. And the tilapia filets further add to its comforting and aromatic taste. Team it up with some rice to get the wholesome feeling of enjoying an authentic and conventional Chinese meal.


These were some of the best and easiest to make Chinese dishes. We hope that you were able to find this list beneficial. As a tip, you can even go for Schezwan and vegetable and fish or chicken soups that make for the perfect starters. Add in some classic dips and a platter of Chinese salad dressings, and you have the excellent low-calorie and easy-to-make dishes ready within no time.

Now whether it be a birthday celebration, a get-together event, or any recreation playing date, you are prepared with a wide variety of easy and healthy Chinese eateries that you can prepare quickly. And we are sure about you becoming your friends’ favorite party host after this.

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